MP3 Collector MP3 Collector 2.3

MP3 Collector by can help us catalog and edit our MP3 collection
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2.3.1 (See all) MP3 Collector 2.3 is the latest released version of this shareware utility for Windows. It has been designed to help us organize our entire MP3 collection. From the Main Window, we will be able to browse our computer directory shown on the left panel in a tree-like structure. In order to create a database of our disks, we can import them from another database collection, let the software scan our PC and find them by itself, or add them manually. Once the audio files have been added to the database, we can edit playlists and track information; sort files by categories, search, delete, rename, play, filter them, or change and add tags. It is also possible to make backups, repair filenames, export a file list to text, HTML and XML, and more. There is an evaluation version available for downloading directly from the developer's website. We can try it free for a 15-day period. We must register our e-mail address before downloading it, but in exchange, we receive a discount voucher in case we decide to purchase the program afterwards.

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  • After registering our e-mail we receive a voucher
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